Program Pengembangan Guru

Berbeda dengan program pelatihan pada umumnya, modul-modul dalam program ini dirancang secara aplikatif dengan pendekatan experiential learning, sehingga para guru dapat menerapkan apa yang dipelajari dalam kegiatan mengajar sehari-hari.

Pengembangan Guru

Terdapat 4 (empat) Aspek Program Pengembangan Guru:

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    Pengembangan Profesionalisme
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    Manajemen Sekolah dan Kurikulum
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    Kemampuan Pedagogis
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    Literasi dan Pendidikan Karakter

Teacher Training Modules

Learning Paradigm

Multiple Intelligence & Learning Styles

Learning Administration

Active and Innovative Learning (PAIKEM)

Learning Methodology

Class Action Research

Training for Trainer

Curriculum Development

Leadership Development

Teacher Motivation

Why This Program Suits You?

Different with other common training programs, modules in this program applicatively designed with experiential learning approach.

Short Duration

Short Duration

All modules designed with specific purposes. Program can be customized based on the needs of relevant stakeholders with constraint in cost and time. Optional duration started from 2/3 days training to continuous regular training.

Easy to duplicate

Easy to duplicate

Theme and topics in all modules designed with clear and simple instruction to follow. With experienced trainer and facilitators, they will help clients and beneficiaries to duplicate the program to their specific need.

Measurable Indicators

Measurable Indicators

Program uses quantitative measurable indicators such as number of participants, percentage of competencies enhancement and satisfaction.