This Year Reflection...

This Year Reflection...

This year reflection.

Several months ago, I have privileged to travel to several new places within Bintuni and Fakfak. To name a few like Arguni (the place that I dream to visit) and Weriagar. I also have a chance to visit Kamundan, Taroi, Otoweri, Tomage, etc.

To make it short, I meet some inspiring principals, I meet very dedicated teachers, and of course very happy students who have high curiosity to learn. I have share some story and conversation with them. Some teachers said that being a teacher make them happy.


During that 12+ day trip, my team and I also have a chance to take literacy data, observe teaching skills, and assist the school toward SNP (National Standard of Education).

With all that's experience, That's make me narrow down to a conclusion that:

  1. The better quality of principal (in leadership and management) the more likely school have better performances to achieve the national standard (SNP) 
  2. The better literacy of the students will automatically ensure schools quality. But having good schools (based on SNP) doesn't always necessarily ensure the quality of literacy. 
  3. There will be always dedicated teachers in a rural school
  4. Students are always have a high motivation to learn if the teacher's create such good environment to learn. That's maybe like PAKEM (Pembelajaran Aktif Kreatif dan Menyenangkan).

And there will be always a room for improvement both for schools and teachers.

Again, that's education is everyone responsibility. And it will be always felt amazing to see children/students learn and reach their dream.