About ProVisi Education Touch life - better life

ProVisi Education was established in 2002 with a mission to significantly contribute to the improvement of education quality in Indonesia. ProVisi Education begins its work by providing various programs for schools in Jakarta and surrounding areas in teachers and students competencies development.

Since 2006, ProVisi Education has worked with international NGOs in education quality improvement programs, as well as multinational companies as implementing partner for CSR program in education.

Our Achievements

Supporting more than 30 international NGOs in various education quality improvement programs;

Serving more than 50 multinational Companies as implementing partner for CSR programs in education;

Supporting companies to win 9 CSR awards in the field of education;


Providing trainings and competencies development programs for more than 20,000 teachers in all over Indonesia; 

Empowering more than 100,000 students from Primary School up to Senior High School in all over Indonesia;

Supporting more than 200 schools all over Indonesia in learning quality improvement;

Implementation Area

We have worked in more than 25 provinces in Indonesia from Aceh to Papua

  • Safrudin
    "We are so grateful to be supported by ProVisi Education in implementing our education CSR programs. ProVisiEducation has demonstrated to be able to bring significant improvementsfor education quality in Maba District, North Maluku. "
  • Joel Bacha
    Director of Strategic Expansion, Room to Read (USA)
    "“It is a sincere pleasure working with the ProVisi Education team.  They are action-oriented and focused on achieving results and their level of professionalism and integrity is unfounded” "
  • Andi Prasetyo
    Head of, JAPFA Foundation
    "We at Japfa Foundation sees great value in Provisi's partnership and services. Provisi's knowledge base, coordination and communication as well as the ability to be limber enough when working for specific consultancy needs through innovation and implementable strategies give Japfa Foundation the confidence to embark upon challenges in partnerships with Provisi. Keep up the good work! "