School Development Program

School Development Program

A 3-4 years Integrated Program to improve the quality of learning at targeted schools, so that at the end of the program the school will become model schools in the area.

Five (5) Aspects of School Development Program:

  • Institution Development
  • Principals & Teachers Development
  • Students Development
  • Committee & Parents Engagement
  • Infrastructure Development & Management

School Development Program

Why This Program Suits You?


Significant Improvements

This program covers the whole aspects of school management & ensures the improvement of each aspect.


Easily Disseminated and Locally Contextualized

The development of the model school is categorized modularly, making it easy to be disseminated to other schools as required.


Strong Support from the Local Education Authority

This program develops a model of quality school in an area, which enables the Local Education Authority to copy the model to other schools in the area.