Adiwiyata School Mentoring Program

Green School Assistance Program

A program designed to assist the school to move toward a School Caring for the Environment and Embracing the Green Culture. We believe that schools are the front-liners for raising a young generation that loves the environment. This program is designed so that all school people can understand and be responsible for the importance of the role of each individual in conserving the nature.

Corporation engagement is truly needed in creating a generation caring for the environment. Through this program, companies can demonstrate their real contributions for two fields at the same time, Education and Living Environment.

Two (2) Types of Green School Program:

  • Adiwiyata School
  • Healthy School

Why this Program Suits You?

Activating the Entire School

The Green School Program provides an intervention for all stakeholders in a school so that it automatically establishes a care for the school as a whole.

Short-Termed with Clear Target

This program has clear indicators and targets – with a relatively short program duration (1 year).

Recognition from the Third Parties

The achievement target of this program is winning an award from a third party, which acts as an objective recognition for the Company’s commitment.