Education Research and Assessment

Education Research and Assessment

This program aims to accurately map out the education condition in a designated area in order to identify the most effective education improvement program for CSR.

3 Types of Education Research and Assessment:

  • School Diagnosis
  • Education Profiling
  • Education Mapping for CSR

Data Collection Methods

Focus Group Discussion

Why this Program Suits You?

Objective Outcomes

The instruments and methods used in this Program are designedbased on our years of field experiences in various areas in Indonesia.

Building a Good Relationship with the Community

A good start in building a good relationship with the community. Issues emerging within the community are captured and carefully taken into consideration during the program planning.

A Blueprint for CSR Program Mapping

The outcomes of this program will be very effective to be used as a guideline in developing long-term or short-term CSR program based on the Company’s priorities.