Literacy Development Program

What is Literacy Development Program?

Literacy Program is a program aimed to improve literacy level and build a reading culture among Primary and Secondary School students by putting forward what they really need.

3 Types of Literacy Program:

  • Children book development
  • Child-friendly library
  • Reading Skill Improvement Program


Building a culture of reading

Improving reading skills

Providing quality reading materials

The Program’s Scope

Book development for Primary School up to Senior High School students
 Children story book development
 Reading skill book development
 Reference book development
 Training for writers and illustrators
Child-friendly library
 Increasing reading interest and building a culture of reading
 Repairing the equipment and infrastructure of the school’s library
 Providing reading materials appropriate to the children’s different reading levels
 Training for librarians, teachers, and principals
Reading Skill Improvement Program
 Training for teachers
 Teachers’ assistance
 Survey on students’ literacy levels

Why this Program Suits You?

Short Program Duration

Short program duration (9 months up to 2 years, subject to the type of the program).

Easy to duplicate

If an expansion of the effected area is desirable, this program is very much easily duplicated to the surrounding areas.


The program is tangible in nature, making its level of success easy to monitor and evaluate.

Clear and Quantitative Indicators

The number of participants, effected areas, level of material absorption, up to the satisfaction level of the participants will be measured and evaluated.